CTC Eligibility 101

  • No recent income needed
  • Up to $300 per month per child starting July 15
  • Credit is not a loan
  • Any child with a valid SSN is eligible
  • Provide your info to the IRS to get the credit


The 2021 Child Tax Credit (CTC) expansion provides a historic opportunity to reduce child poverty in the United States by more than 40 percent.

While most children in the US are in families that will get advance CTC payments automatically, some children are in families that are considered non-filers and will need help signing up for them.

Your efforts to help people get advance CTC payments are essential. Many people will need help to understand their eligibility and to use the IRS Non-filer portal.

Key Dates:

  • July 15: Advance payments start.
  • Mid-August/Early September: Back to school provides a key outreach opportunity.
  • Late fall: IRS Non-filer Form closes.

Get Started Guide

Outreach Materials

Outreach Toolkit

  • Messaging and earned media materials
  • Social media toolkit
  • Call and text scripts and newsletter copy
  • Flyer and postcard

Download Toolkit

Navigator Training and Resources

Navigators are trusted, community-based guides that help marginalized people get their payments.

  • Non-filer Form guide
  • CTC Update Portal guide
  • Navigator training

Navigator Resources

Resources for Immigrant Outreach

Immigrants and their families face some of the biggest barriers to getting the Child Tax Credit, stimulus checks, and other benefits. This page has links to various outreach resources for immigrants and their families.

Immigrant Outreach



CTC Navigator Training: Step-by-Step Portal Walk-through: Navigators are trusted, community-based guides that help marginalized people get their payments. They can answer questions, help people fill out the non-filer form, provide space and technology, or help address other barriers.

This training, co-hosted by Code for America, will help you become a CTC navigator for your community. We cover what resources are available, what support you can provide, and take you step by step through the Non-filer Portal and CTC UP Portal.

All Hands on Deck: Local Strategies for Reaching All Families Eligible for the CTC: In this webinar, you will hear from local communities’ about their strategies for conducting outreach and providing hands-on assistance to ensure all eligible children receive the CTC. You’ll also learn about new materials that you can use to support your efforts. There will be plenty of time for Q and A so please be ready to ask!

Where should I refer people for help?

The best place to refer someone for help is a local organization that can answer questions, help file a traditional tax return, or fill out the IRS Non-filer Form. You can contact your local free tax preparation site to partner.

Here are some of the national services that can support your outreach:

  • GetCTC.org: This site explains the credit, eligibility, and how to get the credit. It directs people to the IRS non-filer form, virtual free tax filing services and the Child Tax Credit Update Portal.
  • 211: This hotline service from United Way connects people to local resources for support. It can answer basic questions about the CTC and direct callers to any free tax filing services.
  • ChildTaxCredit.com: This website features FAQs and a wonderful CTC eligibility calculator that can help people understand how much they can get from the credit.