Contact your local VITA site (here) or AARP Tax-Aide site (here) and start on the path to #GetItBack for your community!



You’re an energetic and outgoing person who’s ready with a smile and an outstretched hand. As the first site staff member that clients encounter, you’re key to setting the positive tone that people have come to expect at VITA sites.

You don’t need any specialized tax law training (although you’re certainly welcome to learn with VITA’s free training and materials!), but you will be responsible for determining which services taxpayers will need and ensuring they have the necessary documents.



You’re personable, proactive, and love bringing people together in your community. You’re fluent in a language other than English and are eager to put your skills to use helping everyone get the most from the tax process. You have the option of becoming a certified tax preparer and working with the client directly. Alternatively, you can sit with the tax preparer and client as the tax return is prepared, interpreting as needed.


Tax Preparer

You’re a driven, goals-oriented person who’s eager to put their skills to use in the community (or pick up some new ones to help others). Tax preparers spend most of their time interacting with individual clients at a VITA site, and are excited to help taxpayers prepare the most accurate tax return and to get any refund for which they qualify. While having an aptitude for numbers is useful, statistical and financial expertise are not necessary to prepare tax returns.

Tax pros can get continuing education credits for filling this role—and beginners can get free training and materials to help them on their way to becoming a certified tax preparer!


Quality Reviewer

You’re details-oriented, organized, and eager to lend your experience and skills towards helping your neighbors. This role is recommended for more experienced tax preparers (you must be tax law certified at the intermediate level at least), but over time newly certified preparers can work their way up to this role.