Rideshare Tax Resources for Tax Preparers

Tax preparation for rideshare drivers can be difficult to navigate. Taxpayers often do not know that they are self-employed and are not aware of the impact driving full time or as a “side hustle” can have on their tax returns. Additionally, figuring out what is their total income and allowable deductions can lead to incorrect reporting.

Free tax preparation programs can help these taxpayers overcome this confusing process. Roadmap to Rideshare Taxes is an initiative to provide comprehensive tax resources to for Uber and Lyft drivers. Here’s how you can use these resources to help your clients stay tax compliant.

1. Send them to Roadmap to Rideshare Taxes

Roadmap to Rideshare Taxes covers everything Uber and Lyft drivers need to know about their taxes. Here are all the topics the website covers:

2. Use the estimated payments calculator

The estimated payments calculator helps self-employed workers figure out how much to pay using eight simple questions.

3. Distribute materials

You can print out business cards or tax cheat-sheets for your clients.

The tax organizer can help ensure clients are prepared before they arrive at the tax site.

4. Use the rideshare outreach toolkit to post on social media

We have a social media toolkit to help with outreach. It includes:

5. Watch the trainings

This training covers everything tax prep volunteers need to know about rideshare taxes.

Download the presentation slides and notes.


This training covers resources, business expenses, and questions.

Download the slides and notes.

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