Why Host a Taxathon NOW?

This next tax season promises new tax forms, tax law changes, and uncertainty. A Taxathon provides an opportunity to establish your tax site as a resource for the community during the confusion.

A taxathon is a tax filing event that can help you serve more clients, promote your tax site, and generate media coverage early in the tax season. Taxathons can establish enthusiasm and momentum at tax sites to carry you through the tax season.

Presenters share benefits of hosting a Taxathon and how to:

  • Position your tax site as a trusted resource during tax reform
  • Plan key Taxathon elements and manage site flow
  • Organize Taxathons on a budget and with limited capacity
  • Establish and enhance partnerships
  • Message your Taxathon to staff, volunteers, partners, sponsors, media, and the community


  • Andrea Kiepe, Prepare + Prosper – St. Paul, MN
  • Brittany Sims, Louisville Asset Building Coalition – Louisville, KY
  • Kelly Wagoner, The Piton Foundation – Denver, CO

Download the presentation slides and training guide.

Taxathon Resources

To help support your Taxathon planning efforts, our presenters have put together toolkits and other materials:

You can also download these Taxathon materials (Compressed/Zipped folder).

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