We’ve Translated Our EITC Video Into Spanish

Last year, we created a video to explain (in simple terms) what the EITC is, why it matters, and the impact it has on millions of Americans. This year, we translated the video into Spanish.

The EITC provides more money back at tax time for about 30 million low- and moderate-income working families. This critical work support helps families make ends meet and reduces poverty.

Unfortunately, one in five eligible workers doesn’t claim the tax credit. That’s why it’s essential to build awareness to ensure that employees receive all the money they’ve earned.

There are several ways you can use this video in your outreach efforts:

  1. Share it on Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Play it in free tax site waiting rooms
  3. Embed the video on your website
  4. Share it with your coalition partners
  5. Send the video to your funders
  6. Show the video at an EITC Awareness Day event
  7. Use it to promote a Taxathon or other tax filing event

If you’re looking for other ways to get involved, visit our outreach strategies or partner page.

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