This Week’s Must-Read: States Without State EITCs Have the Most Poverty

A major city is designating over $1 million to raise EITC awareness, a study finds more people plan to save their tax refunds, and states without state EITCs have higher rates of poverty.

  • A recent study finds that states without a state-level EITC have the highest amount of income inequality.
  • Philadelphia spent over $1 million to raise EITC awareness. Marketplace features the story of Philadelphia resident Roslyn Sanders, who ignored the EITC on tax form for years when she filed her own taxes.
  • It’s been 25 years since the federal tipping wage was raised to $2.13 an hour. The One Fair Wage campaign is a national movement with the goal of establishing a living wage for tipped workers.
  • New America Media features Lam Hon Man and Ya Ling to demonstrate how the new refundable California EITC helps the lives low-income workers.
  • A new study finds that almost 50 percent of people expecting to claim a tax return refund plan on putting the money towards emergency savings.

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