Want a Sneak Preview?


The tax season just ended, but our work is only beginning! The Get It Back Team will be spending the next few months preparing outreach materials for next year’s tax season.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the projects we’re working on.

EITC Video

One of our most requested items is a video promoting the Earned Income Tax Credit and free tax filing. Whether it’s for viewing in a waiting room or for sharing on social media, we think you’ll love the video we’re working on. It’s animated and explains the benefits of working family tax credits. We’ll have 30 second and 60 second versions, as well as the option to customize the video for your free tax program.

Copy + Paste Social Media Posts

Post This on Social Media, Part I” was one of our most popular blogs this tax season. We are creating many more images, tweets, and Facebook posts you can use on social media.

VITA Outreach Materials

We currently provide posters, flyers, and envelope stuffers to promote the EITC and CTC. This year, we will also offer printable and customizable materials and graphics for your free tax prep site.

Talking Points to Enlist Partners

Not sure how to approach businesses and other potential partners? Fear not: our guides will include talking points and facts on how tax credits benefit businesses and the community.


We received a lot of positive feedback from the “Navigating FAFSA and the EITC: How to Connect Families to Help” training. We are planning more learning opportunities that feature the expertise of Get It Back Campaign partners.

Expect these materials to start coming out Fall 2016. As always, email us with any requests or suggestions.

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