Recording: Effective Ways to Promote Split Refunds

Saving money shouldn’t be complicated. Tax time provides a unique opportunity to encourage clients to save more money by splitting their refund.

Learn about the national Save Your Refund (SYR) Contest and how organizations can participate. Find out how your tax site can successfully promote the SYR contest. Discover useful messaging to encourage clients to split their refunds. Also, hear how you can develop and promote your own contest. You will leave this training with tips to help your clients save even more money when the new tax season begins.


  • Mariele McGlazer, Innovation Manager, Commonwealth – Boston, MA
  • Cary Gladstone, Senior Director of Asset Building Strategies, Granite United Way – Manchester, NH
  • Mindy Maupin, Credit Counselor, Southern Bancorp Community Partners – Little Rock, AR

Download the presentation slides and training notes.

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