Post This on Social Media, Part I

Need some ideas of what to post on Facebook, Twitter, and your blog? Here are seven images, four Facebook posts, eight Tweets, and three blog posts you can use to promote tax credits and free tax filing on social media. Be sure to use the square image on Facebook, and the long, horizontal image on Twitter. Link to this post ( when you share any of the images.

1. The EITC and CTC Lift People Out of Poverty

facebook images kit-20

facebook images kit-22

2. Kids Get A Better Start to Life

facebook images kit-01

facebook images kit-14

3. The EITC Benefits Single Mothers

facebook images kit-02

facebook images kit-15

4. Children Excel at School

facebook images kit-03

facebook images kit-17

5. Kids Graduate at Higher Rates

facebook images kit-08

facebook images kit-16

6. Kids Are More Likely to Go to College

facebook images kit-09

facebook images kit-18

7. Celebrate Your VITA Successes

Insert the number of clients and refund amounts in the images below. After saving the image, open it in Paint (PC) and Paintbrush (Mac).

facebook images kit-11

facebook images kit-19

Facebook Posts:

These posts can be shared with the images above or blogs listed below.


These tweets can be posted with the images or by themselves.

Blogs to Share:

Share these blogs on Facebook and Twitter or repost to your blog. Let us know if you reblog a post.

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