Organizing a Taxathon – Why & How to Do It

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Are you looking for a different way to get the word out about your tax filing program? A taxathon is a tax filing event that can help you promote your tax site AND achieve other goals for your program early in the tax season. Taxathons are a fun way to inject enthusiasm into your tax site and celebrate free tax preparation!

A taxathon can:

  • Generate earned and social media attention
  • Attract new clients, especially those eligible for the EITC, early in the tax season
  • Increase the number of community members served
  • Provide tax prep volunteers additional practice early in the tax season
  • Incorporate more fun into tax filing

By hosting a taxathon, your VITA site can boost its presence and excite the community about the EITC and tax filing.

Join the Get It Back Campaign for this training on Tuesday, August 8th at 3PM ET/2PM CT to learn firsthand from VITA programs about their experiences hosting this type of event, and how you can start planning your own. The presenters will offer strategies and recommendations for different sized VITA programs, discuss lessons learned and mistakes to avoid, and share resources that you can use to organize a successful taxathon, including opportunities for follow-up support to plan your event.

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  • Taylor Putz, Prepare + Prosper – St. Paul, MN
  • Courtney O’Reilly, The Piton Foundation – Denver, CO
  • Jessica Grote, The Cooperative Ministry – Columbia, SC

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