This Week’s Must-Read: Oregon’s New Statewide Retirement Savings Plan


Oregon prepares a statewide retirement savings plan, the governor of Massachusetts reverses his support for an Airbnb tax that would expand the state’s EITC, and the U.S. ranks ninth in raising kids.

  • The state of Oregon is preparing to offer a retirement savings plan to 1 million workers who lack options through their employment.
  • David Slade of The Post and Courier lays out the three big federal tax breaks for higher education costs.
  • Governor Baker of Massachusetts has reversed his initial support for an Airbnb tax to expand the EITC. The Governor is missing out on a creative solution that lifts up Massachusetts’s working poor.
  • Both higher wages and building savings – two sides of financial stability that have historically been at odds – need to be championed to achieve a common goal of economic security that lasts a lifetime.
  • A Save the Children report ranks the U.S. ninth out of 19 developed countries on creating the best environment for child well-being. The nation needs to do more to tackle income inequality so that all children benefit from the economic growth of the largest economy in the world.

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