This Week’s Must-Read: Fear of New Immigration Policies Delays Tax Filing and Three New State EITC Bills

Taxpayers anxious to know when they will receive their refund can now check the new IRS mobile app, in addition to “Where’s My Refund.”

Advocates say that some immigrants are afraid to file their taxes this year because of changing immigration policies. Since federal policy changes have not been implemented, the IRS will still issue tax credits, including the EITC and the CTC, to eligible immigrant taxpayers.

The Georgia Budget and Policy Institute analyzed two bills introduced to create a state EITC and found that although the bills provide relief for workers with children, they include provisions that would raise taxes for noncustodial workers.

Senator Michael Skindell proposed a bill to reform Ohio’s EITC, which would remove income restrictions and make the credit refundable.

Utah is considering a bill to create a state EITC at 10 percent of the federal credit.

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