This Week’s Must Read: State EITCs More Popular Than Ever

Tax Credits for Working Families notes that states debated over 170 EITC bills in 2016, and the tax credit is likely to be even more prevalent this year. The post also lists state EITC bills that are currently under consideration.

The Consumer Federation of America finds that there is strong public support for regulating paid tax preparers to protect consumers against errors and fraud.

A study explains how the EITC helps affirm and reward workers’ contributions to the community. Since the EITC is distributed through a universal system (tax filing), recipients do not feel stigmatized.

A study by the Economic Self-Sufficiency Policy Research Institute find that states with an EITC experience increased participation in the federal EITC.

Millennials, many of whom are new to the labor market, may not realize they qualify for the EITC. Millennials just starting careers or starting families are especially likely to miss out on the credit.

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