This Week’s Must-See: New Video Highlights the Impact of the EITC on Workers Without Children

Massachusetts Nonprofit Network suggests a stronger EITC to reduce state poverty, the PATH Act changes some filing dates, and New Jersey hopes to extend its EITC to childless workers.

  • The Massachusetts Nonprofit Network released a report with policy recommendations for addressing poverty, including strengthening the EITC.
  • Under the new PATH Act, business owners must file W-2 forms by January 31, 0217 and can only request one 30-day extension.
  • West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy’s Ted Boettner suggests creating a state EITC and expanding child care assistance to grow the middle class and the economy.
  • New Jersey pushes to expand the state EITC to workers without children and younger earners.
  • Paycheck Plus is a pilot program in New York City and Atlanta that expands the EITC for workers without children. A few recipients of the program are featured in this short video.

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