This Week’s Must-Read: A Young Worker Shares His Story to Inspire EITC Expansion

A report shows that an EITC expansion would help veterans in every state and a hardworking millennial pushes to expand the EITC.

  • The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities finds that expanding the EITC to workers without children would help 600,000 veterans and service members.
  • The North Carolina Budget and Tax Center urges lawmakers to reinstate the state EITC that was cut in 2014. The credit would help North Carolina build a better and more just economy.
  • Hear Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, Marc Stier, talk about the effectiveness of the EITC and the CTC on The Rick Smith Show.
  • Although Manilan Houle works 60 hours a week earning minimum wage, he is ineligible for the EITC because he is under 25 and not raising children. Houle tells his story and asks Congress to expand the EITC so that young workers like him can build financial stability.

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