This Week’s Must-Read: New Legislation Strengthening the CTC Could Reduce Child Poverty

A Washington state EITC will be up for vote this election, New Jersey raises its state EITC, and Senator Sherrod Brown proposes a stronger CTC.

  • Senator Sherrod Brown introduces new legislation to strengthen the CTC in order to help families raising young children and to reduce child poverty, reports the Center for American Progress.
  • New Jersey is increasing its state EITC from 30 to 35 percent of the federal tax credit to offset the rising gas tax.
  • The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities recommends creating an EITC to boost labor force participation in Puerto Rico. The EITC has proven to be more effective than other tax benefits.
  • A ballot referendum proposed in Washington includes a state EITC that would be 25 percent of the federal credit.
  • CBPP’s Chuck Marr discusses how expanding the CTC could decrease the alarmingly high child poverty rate (over 16 percent) on Talk Poverty.

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