This Week’s Must-Read: Hilary Clinton’s Plan for Low- to Middle-Income Families

The EITC would go a long way to help those with disabilities and Hilary Clinton hopes to double the CTC.

  • Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton plans to expand the CTC, which would help almost 14.2 million working families, reports the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.
  • Talk Poverty discusses how poverty and disability often go hand in hand. As a solution, they suggest raising the minimum wage and boosting the EITC for workers without children.
  • Connecticut congresswoman Rosa DeLauro asks Congress to enact a Young Child Tax Credit Act.
  • If passed, Ballot Measure 97 will expand the state EITC in Oregon.
  • In a letter to lawmakers calling for the creation of a state EITC, Debbie Baskin of Voices for Utah writes how the federal credit helped a woman secure housing and avoid homelessness.

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