This Week’s Must-Read: The EITC Provides Basic Necessities for Families Near the Poverty Line


A New York City official proposes raising the EITC, Etsy believes the tax credit could help independent contract workers, and Arkansas needs the EITC to combat its high rate of child poverty.

  • Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families supports a state EITC, which would help the one in four children in the state currently living in poverty.
  • The New York City Comptroller wants to lift 15,000 additional families out of poverty by increasing the city’s EITC from 5 to 15 percent of the federal tax credit.
  • A United Way report on Connecticut shows that the EITC helps families who are living above the poverty line, but barely earning enough to afford basic necessities.
  • In a white paper, Etsy, an online market place, proposes expanding the EITC to help gig economy workers, who often experience income volatility and lack other income protections. The tax credit is an importance step in extending benefits to a largely overlooked group of workers.

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