Four Ways to Promote the EITC for Awareness Day

By Janne Huang and Christine Tran, 2020 Get It Back Campaign Intern

Friday, January 29, 2021 marks the 15th annual EITC Awareness Day. On this day, the IRS encourages organizations across the country to bring attention to the EITC by hosting events and engaging media. This is also a time to highlight free tax preparation and other refundable tax credits like the Child Tax Credit, the American Opportunity Tax Credit,  the Premium Tax Credit, and the Recovery Rebate Tax Credit (stimulus checks).

Here are some ways you can promote the Earned Income Tax Credit.

1. Post graphics on social media

We’ve created several social media toolkits with images you can share on Facebook and Twitter.

2. Share this EITC video

We made a quick video to explain (in simple terms) what the EITC is, why it matters, and the impact it has on millions of Americans.



3. Post these blogs

Share these blogs on Facebook and Twitter or repost to your blog. Let us know if you reblog a post.

4. Provide EITC resources to clients and partners

Disseminate outreach materials about the tax credits to families and partner organizations. Use flyers in 24 languages and fact sheets to help workers learn eligibility requirements and where to find free tax help.

Need more ideas?

Some organizations have created useful toolkits to help share about the EITC year-round. Here are a few:

  • Tax Credits for Workers and Families: created a video to raise awareness of the EITC’s importance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Help spread the word using their EITC Video Social Media Toolkit which includes sample tweets and Facebook posts along with a link to download the video.

Courtesy of TCWF’s EITC Video Social Media Toolkit

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