Can Immigrant Workers Get the Child Tax Credit (CTC)?

By Roxy Caines

Some immigrant families may be eligible to get the CTC, including the Additional Child Tax Credit (the refundable part of the credit).

You and your spouse (if filing jointly) need to have a social security number (SSN) or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Any child you claim for the CTC must have a SSN. This is a change from previous years when children could have a SSN or an ITIN.

If your child has an ITIN, you may be eligible to claim a $500 non-refundable credit. The Credit for Other Dependents (“Family Tax Credit”) can be used to claim children with an ITIN, children over 17 (the cutoff age for children for the CTC), and other relatives who are considered a dependent for tax purposes (for example, dependent parents). Since this credit is non-refundable, it can only help reduce taxes owed and doesn’t provide a refund.

Learn about all the income and residency guidelines to claim the CTC here.

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